Services: Industry, Teaching, Science Projects

Projects, Interim Management, permanent Service such as external QM-Specialist, Change Management, etc. Workshops, in-house seminars:

Supplier and Supply Chain Optimization

Outsourcing vs. Insourcing Cost/Quality/Time Delivery

30+% Cost Reduction Projects, Value Added Value Optimization: Costs of Production, Management, Quality, Reproducibility, Delivery Availability, Tolerances, Raw Material Quality, Upstream and Downstream Supplier Optimization: Tolerances, Surface Roughness, Alloy Tuning, Manufacturing Technologies, Dynamic Load and Usage Profiles, Spare Parts Optimization, Design. Change management: Processes and factors in supplier change/exchange projects.

Standardization in the use/design/development/construction of raw materials, components and groups, assembly processes, quality assurance processes. Cross-industry integration of suppliers: Use of standard parts from large-scale production for small series and individual production with economies of scale form large-scale production.

Supplier development with Open Book and Close Book contract design in purchasing, depending on the market power/volume of suppliers. Supplier qualification, long-term contract policy agreements depending on supplier parts and application in different end products according to product life cycle performance, maintenance/guarantee/spare parts policy, all-in leasing or fee per usage unit according to time or performance.

DFx - Design optimization for series production according to cost, quality, delivery performance.

IT-Controlling: Change, Risk, Test, Release, Operation – KPIs, Process Interfaces.

Quality Management System ISO - Certification, Process Descriptions, Quality Management Manual, Accompanying Templates - VA, AA, Process Map - Core/Support Processes

Business Development - Business Plan, Investments, Revenue, Costs, Customer Segmentation, Marketing, Product Requirements, Production, Technologies, Operational Continuity